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Retail Display & Kiosk
Design and Construction

Retail Display & Kiosk Design and Construction

IPC Group LLC specializes in retail construction. A professional, quality retail display is key to drawing customers to the products that you want to sell.  We've successfully managed all projects from the small scale - like a kiosk in a shopping mall to the big, like moving new aisles in a big box store.  We can handle any display need:  point-of-purchase, end-cap, shelving, aisles and custom display units for key products.  We also specialize in building new custom cash register desks for customer check-out.

We don't stop with a great display - we also handle lighting installation.  Proper lighting highlights the display graphics and products in an attractive way, the right lighting can do wonders to make your display more effective.

Retail Display & Kiosk Design IPC LLC

We have worked with several very large retail stores on a consistent basis to help them improve their customer experience, and have the best contractors on hand to handle anything your store needs.  Shopping mall, chain store, restaurants or specialty shops - our project managers will ensure it gets done right the first time.